5 detox drinks for a flat belly

When it comes to a flat belly both women and men desire it. A flat belly brings out the best body shape and increases confidence when relating with others. However, some factors may contribute to bulging or a big belly. This includes health factors and dieting. All the same, everyone requires their belly to be flat. There are various ways of achieving a flat belly including exercise and proper dieting. Detox drinks provide a short-time and effective way of having a flat belly within a short period of time. Below are some of the best detox drinks for a flat belly.

Coffee is a great detox drink , it is very beneficial for the liver. It contains nutrients which help in detoxifying our body as well as preventing us from diseases. So before we begin with our 5 detox drink recipes, make sure you get good espresso makers such  as Breville in Saudi Arabia and make coffee a part of your detox plan.

So here are 5 detox drink recipes for you:

  1. Green tea detox water

This is the most popular detox water nowadays for losing weight. This is because it is efficient and effective when you require a flat belly. It also combines with health benefits since It is infused with fruits and vegetables. Green tea has been in the light for long due to its detoxifying and weight loss property. You can also make different types of green tea detox water including:

  • Cinnamon
  • Mint
  • Lemon
  • Fruity

Procedures for preparing the different types of green tea detox water varies as they require different ingredients. For example, preparing mint water requires mint leaves, cucumber, and green tea. Preparing cinnamon water requires ingredients including cinnamon stick, cinnamon powder and cooled green tea.

  1. Cucumber detox water

Cucumber detox water is one of the most popular recipes ever. It has been around for such a long time before the introduction of infused water detox. Cucumber water is mostly served in spas due to the numerous health benefits they have. Ingredients for preparing this recipe are water and cucumber. Cucumber is one of the most nutritious ingredients available. They have low calories and high fiber which makes them best suited for weight loss. Cucumber is also a source of Potassium, magnesium and vitamin B when taken. magnesium has been known for its ability in helping to lower the blood pressure and fighting cancer. Cucumber water also contains “fisetin” which studies have shown to improve the brain health.

How to make cucumber water

  1. Slice cleaned peeled or unpeeled cucumber into ½ slides each
  2. Combine the cucumber slices in water and type with ice( for the best results leave them to marinate in the fridge overnight)

iii. After removing from the fridge serve the cucumber water

  1. Lemon flat belly water

Lemon water is beneficial to the body in many ways. Despite its health benefits lemon water also helps in weight loss for a flat belly. Some benefits of using lemon water include:

  • Improves the body immune system
  • Make the skin more healthy
  • Promotes digestion
  • Reduces the level of fat and cholesterols in the body

Lemon is used for losing weight since it is low in calories, therefore, swapping it with normal beverages like orange juice will help in weight loss. Also, it contains a lot of water which assists in burning the fats.

How to make lemon water

  • Squeeze juice from a half lemon into a glass full of water
  • Mix the ingredients using a spoon
  • Slim down detox water

Slim down detox water is one of the most effective detox drink for reducing fat in the belly. Its cleansing properties also ensure the removal of toxins from your body. Cucumbers also have diuretic properties and therefore assists you to release water. Lemons and the limes in the water aids in digestion along the digestion tract. Grapefruits have many enzymes that assist in breaking down fat.

How to make slim water detox water

  • Combine ½ sliced grapefruit, ½ cucumber, ½ sliced lemon and ½ sliced lime in a pitcher
  • Allow them to remain in the refrigerator for about 1-2 hours before serving them
  • Drink any time of the day but ensure to discard them after 24 hours

4. Lemon ginger detox water

Lemon water is one of the most delicious cool drink with tasty ingredients. The lemon ginger detox drink is a cooling beverage that also offers cleansing that flushes away from the body. Ginger increases your metabolism throughout the day ensuring that fats are flushed away from the body and burning of calories during workouts. Lemon are natural detoxifiers with diuretic effects that help your body shed away more toxins.

How to prepare lemon ginger detox drink

  • Add ½ of a full lemon juice to a glass of water
  • Grate your ginger into the glass and mix the ingredients well.


Losing weight with detox drinks have been made easier. However, you should also maintain your diet and exercise to ensure more fats burning and subsequently a flat belly.