What is a paleo diet and how it works?

Are you concern about your eating diet? How we eat or even what we consume within our bodies determines our health status. However, the internet site offers answers to all your problem questions and even doctors give counsel on the eating habits. Red meat is harmful to the body since it causes liver and heart problems. We need to check on our diet, if it is well balanced or it only contains a lot of calories. Calories are harmful to the body since it causes heart diseases and other body problems. However, Paleo diet involves ingestion of unrefined foods which causes people to lose weight and too much of it leads to heart problems. Not only should we check on our diet but also focus on doing body exercises in order to maintain body fitness.

Paleo diet

Paleo diet was recognized as the world’s most essential diet in the year 2013. However, Paleo diet is believed to have originated from our descendants on the basis of the fact that they did not suffer from similar diseases as the modern human beings. This diet involves feeding of unprocessed plants and animals such as vegetables, eggs, fruits, seeds and meat. This eating style contains essential qualities of foods such as proteins, healthy fats and vegetables. This diet is important on the fact that it helps people to lose weight as it contains high proteins and thus may reduce one’s appetite. Despite the fact that Paleo diet helps people to lose calories from their bodies it has various side effects. Dairy constraint causes calcium and vitamin D deficiencies leading to menace to the bone health. Also, it affects the kidney and may cause heart diseases such as cancers. Also, it causes low blood sugar level, lack of energy and bad breath.

How it works

Paleo diet works in an amazing way where it causes loss of pounds. It is recognized among the health professionals and other nutrition organizations. People have different believes about it where it is considered either healthy or harmful to the body. This diet only allows you to eat the essential foods and improve the health issue through elimination of high fats and processed foods. Processed foods are dangerous since they contain a lot of calories and have little nutritional value. However, it requires the normal physical exercises to ensure the body is healthy. However, the diet should contain calcium and other nutrients. This diet can either be essential or not for heart health especially with the type 2 diabetes depending on one’s eating approach. Eating too much of red meat is dangerous for the heart which causes damage to it. Read meat causes an attack on the liver and muscle cells leading to a risk factor for the metabolic diseases.

However, grains contain cholesterol levels that cause reduction of obesity, stroke and diabetes of type 2. Paleo diet helps in the control of the body blood sugar which lowers one’s blood pressure. Also, the cholesterol drops causing improvement on the health status of both men and women. Also, studies have relieved that Paleo diet causes reduction of the waist perimeter which shows the minimization of the risks to acquire diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Also, this diet works when people carry out the normal body exercises to ensure fitness which leads to the reduction of the blood triglyceride levels within the body. Also, it improves on the insulin level and sensitivity factor of the body. This diet works effectively if the instructions are met and people avoid consumption of too much of red meat.


In conclusion, Paleo diet causes great improvement strategies in the loss of weight and glycemic control. However, it also leads to harmful effects such as cardiovascular diseases and heart problems. It is very essential in the treatment of type 2 diabetes through lowering the blood sugar levels. Body exercises are essential since they ensure body fitness and burning of the excess calories. Also, consumption of red meat is harmful to the body since it causes heart problems. Diabetes is caused by high or low blood sugar level within the body thus Paleo diet helps in the control and regulation of insulin within the body.